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I couldn't resist doing a post about this, I absolutely loved this thing! Not only is it super interesting to see all of the music I've been listening to over the past year, but it's quite simple beautiful to look at. The design is spot on and works smoothly while looking great at the same time.

So, what does my year in music look like? I'll share a couple screenshots from it here so you can get an idea of my year of Spotify! 

No real surprises that Allday was my number artist of 2015, even though I only discovered his music in the second half of the year! Every so often an artist comes into your life and changes it, this is one of those artists for me. I'm looking forward to his next release as everything I've heard so far he's smashed. I ordered his album and a t-shirt etc and had it delivered all the way from Australia to my home in the UK, I can't say I've bothered to order and wait for march from any other artist. Plus he follows me on Twitter so life has been made <3 If you haven't heard his stuff I definitely urge you to check it out, you won't regret it. And if you do regret suck!

Check him out on Spotify here: 

Yes, I really have listened to that much music in 2015. I'll be honest, I thought it would be higher...I'm one of those lucky people who not only get to listen to music in the office all day everyday, but I'm in charge of it! I'm hoping that I can get that number higher in 2016.

The best thing about Spotify? Discovering new artists, I like finding new playlists as they always have hidden gems on them, and gives me the chance to find a new artist to fall in love with. Some of my favourite playlists are as follows:

The Nu-Modern

90's Alternative Rock: Open the vault

Today's Top Hits

Obviously they are just a couple of my favourite playlists, I have a ton of different ones I play during the work day, anything from Disney to 50's to the UK chart. Spotify has something for everyone and that's probably why I'm obsessed with it! 


I highly recommend downloading Spotify, personally I have a premium account, it's only £9.99 a month and if you're like me and have a valid NUS card it's only £4.99! £5 a month for unlimited music? The ability to create your own playlists and/or make a ton of music available offline, perfect for travelling on the tube. Oh and no adverts. Yeh, it's definitely worth the money. 

I still buy CDs, but having the ability to listen to more music from artists I wouldn't necessarily purchase a physical CD from is something I love. It keeps my music taste current and fresh and most importantly interesting!

Check out Spotify here: 

See you in my next post!

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