Run Sackboy Run!



This game has obviously been out for quite a while but I had never played it until recently when my boyfriend downloaded the game for free on his PS Vita. It's safe to say we were both instantly hooked, so much so that I checked to see if it was available on my iPhone, thankfully it was so I immediately downloaded it and I've been hooked ever since. The game is available on PS Vita, iPhone and Android as far as I know, but who knows you might find it elsewhere! Me and the boyfriend have been battling it out to see who can get the highest score (sadly as of yesterday he's winning :( )

My high score: 215,112

The game is very simple, tap the screen to jump, swipe to dash, collect the bubbles and avoid the things that want to kill your character. Oh, and don't get stuck on the way as otherwise that big thing chasing you will eat you up! The fact it's so easy and simple to play adds into why it's so addictive, plus there's plenty to keep you coming back in the way of missions to collect multipliers (which help to boost your score), costumes to unlock and stickers to collect. Plus if you have Little Big Planet 3, you can play this game and unlock a few extras for your main game, which is a nice little bonus.

The graphics are actually really nice, and very much inline with the rest of the Little Big Planet franchise, so chances are if you like those games you'll like this too. It plays really smoothly, I haven't had any problems with it lagging or being unresponsive to my taps/swipes which is always a good thing when the game solely relies on those actions. I absolutely love that you can unlock new characters/costumes, at the moment I'm playing using the Owl which I think is rather cute! There's a total of 40 levels, and I'm only half way through so there's plenty more of the game for me to unlock and I'm excited to see what else the game has instore for me, as it's kept my attention so far which can be hard particularly for an app on my phone.

I lost count how many times I died trying to take a decent screenshot!

I really cannot praise this game enough, although I do have one dislike for the game (well at least the iPhone version) which is not being able to play my own music while playing this game. I either have the sound/music from the game itself or nothing, which isn't ideal when I want to use my iPhone for both! If they could just throw in an update for that the game would be great. The Facebook connect doesn't seem to work, it allowed me to connect to get the freebie but not see any friends etc, I'm not too bothered about this feature as I already have one person I'm constantly trying to beat on this game which is enough!

Overall, the game is great for all gamers, something easy that doesn't require too much brain power but keeps you entertained enough to continue playing. I definitely recommend downloading it and giving it a couple of runs, just let me know how you get on!

- Bambi -

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