Let's Play: MURDER


Ok, this is only a little post, but I can't sleep and I really wanted to do some writing, you'll have to bare with me though as I only have my iPhone here to take pictures with (stupidly left my DSLR at work!). 

Let's Play: MURDER, is a wonderful little book by Matt Longstaff and Chris Walker. I picked it up a little while ago at comic con, and I'll be honest, just the cover spoke to my soul.

If you know me, even just a little, you'll know I'm a sucker for cute and creepy/scary stuff so this was of course an easy decision to purchase. It's the type of book i find myself picking up randomly just to have a flick through, the illustrations and the imagination that are contained in this book are beautiful and I particularly love the minimal use of colour throughout. 

If you like to pick up little fun books to scatter on your coffee table or have on your bedside to flick through when you can't sleep this is definitely one for you, and will, i'm sure, entertain any guests that come across it. It probably won't change your life like other books may, but it'll definitely bring a smile or a laugh and that's definitely just as important.

Doing a quick google I can see their second book - Death by Shakespeare is already available on Amazon, again I'll likely pick this up at some stage too. I'm looking forward to following these guys to see what else they have in-store for us all, because if the first two creations are anything to go by we'll have lots to look forward to. 

Bambi -

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