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On Tuesday I headed down to the Lush Creative Showcase, it's in one of my favourite places Tobacco Docks so based on that alone I was excited. Just walking down to the venue you could already smell the 'lush smell', you know the one, the smell that hits you and you know theres a Lush within walking distance somewhere! I headed inside, collected my wristband and was informed about an app where there was a chance to win a prize by finding all images dotted around the venue. 

Straight away, the app did not work, every time I scanned the image and had the little animation, great, until an error message would come up so it didn't actually register any of the ones I found - I pretty much gave up shortly after as it was rather annoying! 

But, at least I got to look at all the pretty lush stuff!

I decided to explore the entire venue, expecting I would wander back to various sections, however sadly, I didn't find myself wanting to head back to certain areas. Why? Well the whole event felt more like a shopping experience rather than a creative showcase, maybe it's due to expecting something entirely different ended up leaving me rather underwhelmed. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy taking a look through all of the new products it's just that I expected to less 'shopping opportunities' and more creative areas where you could make or watch people make the products etc. 

There was a giant bath which definitely looked pretty cool though...

On the cooler side of things, they were making Shower Floss which was pretty cool to watch (basically Candy Floss that you can use as a scrub in the shower) - it smelt incredible and was actually really interesting to watch being made. Did I mention it smelt amazing?! Another great part was all the lime perfumes(?), I seriously love the smell of those and I really do hope I'll be able to purchase that in the future as it made me super happy inside!

By this point, I'd explored everything and I'd also definitely smelt everything I was wondering what else was left. Maybe I should have stuck around for the talks, maybe thats where I would have had that creative element I was craving, I'm not sure, all I did know was that the smell was growing increasingly unbearable so I ended up leaving. I'm a little sad I didn't attend any of the talks but I think I wouldn't have enjoyed them much with such a bad headache!

All in all, I still absolutely adore Lush, it's a wonderful company and I really love seeing the products they create, I just don't think the event was for me this time! But that's ok, I'll still spend a ton of money in their stores, only difference is that this year I will have already seen most of the new stuff before the general public!

Did you go to any of the talks? How did you find them? What was your favourite part of the event? Drop a comment below as I'd love to read about your experience, I'm hoping I just went at a bad time/should have just went to the talks etc!

Bambi -

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  1. I am so excited for all the Christmas Lush products to hit the shops, I love stocking up on all the Christmas items. Sophie x

    1. I love their halloween and christmas stuff too, best time of the year!

  2. Oh I'm so jealous you got to go to this as I'm a huge Lush fangirl! Everything looks amazing <3

    1. I was super excited that I managed to go! :D x


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