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I could have quite easily picked 50 of my all time favourite films, but I like to challenge myself so I limited myself down to 5. Initially, I immediately thinking of the 'best films' of all time rather than what films I actually consider to be my favourite. The point is, when you're writing about your personal favourite films theres no 'correct' answer, as theres so many factors that can contribute to a film becoming important to you, so that's exactly what this list is.

These are in no particular order, it was hard enough just limiting my choice to 5 let alone putting them in order too!

Mystery Men (1999) is one of the earliest films I fully remember seeing at the cinema and falling in love immediately.  I was only 8 years old when this film was released and it's held a spot in my favourite film list ever since, and something I throw on the TV if I'm ever having a really rubbish day and need some cheering up.

The film follows a group of amateur Superheroes, try and save a major superhero and their city from a super villain who wants to destroy it all. Of course with them being amateurs, they are really quite rubbish so the film is hilarious but still has a good story, I mean who hasn't dreamt of being a superhero at least once?

Serendipity (2001) is not only one of my favourite films but also one of my favourite words, so much so that I have the word tattooed on my ribs. I truly adore this film, it's one of the very rare films that can make me cry and I always end up feeling happier by the time the ending credits start rolling. Serendipity as the film eloquently explains, "it's such a nice sound for what it means: a fortunate accident". I also love the idea of meeting someone and the timing not being quite right, but finding yourselves together again years later and it working out that time round, something about that is just magical to me and that's the kind of love story I like!

The picture above is from a scene in the movie where they are sat in a restaurant called Serendipity 3 - a place I really want to go to (I managed to stand outside it once but the picture that developed was so bad you couldn't make anything out). Hopefully I'll be able to visit New York next year so I can finally step inside it's doors.

Oh and this film is also one of my favourite films to watch at Christmas time, so much so that it's tradition to sit and watch it with my Dad every year in the lead up to Christmas.

Sunset Boulevard (1950) is the only black and white film to make my top 5 list, this film is just incredible. The story is wonderful and the way it's shot is absolutely beautiful, it's not only one of my favourite films but it's also my favourite film noir. Gloria Swanson who plays Norma Desmond is just absolutely enchanting to watch, even if she's quite haunting at times, I just couldn't imagine anyone playing her role any better.

She's a fading film star who has faded into Hollywood obscurity and he's a screenwriter writing a screenplay for her big comeback. It's a great story and I always find myself glued to the screen whenever this film is on, it's a story everyone can find something relatable in, which is probably why it still works so well even 60+ years later.

Back to the Future (1985) is probably one of the very few film trilogies that I can watch over and over again. I'm sure like many others, the idea of time travel is amazing and definitely something I've day dreamed about a lot, it's probably why so many people love these films. I've put the first of the three into my list just purely for the reason that it had a huge impact on me, seeing that DeLorean for the first time, the crazy scientist Doc Brown and of course Marty McFly. It was all so crazy and exciting, even if the special effects aren't so great when you watch them now, but that's the beauty of the film, it doesn't actually matter, it just somehow adds to the overall charm of the movie.

One of my best mates had never seen this movie, I was so shocked that of course I immediately planned to have a movie night so we could watch all three in one night - I'm happy to say she enjoyed them! (that was a few years ago now but it still makes me happy)

Pulp Fiction (1994) might be the only film on this list that would have made it into my top 5 best films too, it's just absolutely incredible. I'm a huge Tarantino fan and I've always loved the way he creates his movies, the way it's shot is impeccable. One of the things to note about this film, is the order in which the story happens, it's very important to pay attention throughout as otherwise you may end up confused or miss little key moments. The film isn't in chronological order, and it's probably one of the things that makes this film work so well, I'm not sure if I would have enjoyed it as much if it was in the 'correct' order.

In short, this film is about 4 stories of violence/redemption which are all intertwined, the film also has it's funny moments which adds to making this film stand out against other films in it's genre.

So, those were my 5 favourite films of all time, what would your top 5 be? I'd love to see what everyone lists as their favourites!

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  1. Amazing choices, BTTF is such a classic! I still need to watch Sunset Boulevard, I love that era of Hollywood movies x


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