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It was almost 2 months since I visited Liverpool, which means it's been 2 months since I visited this restaurant, but as I've just got back into writing a lot again I knew I had to write about this place as I'm still having flashbacks of my meal.

Red's True Barbecue serves the exact food you would expect from their name, but unlike other BBQ restaurants I have visited in the past, all of the food I had from Red's was simply divine. All of it was cooked to perfection, and adding any of their sauces takes it up to yet another level of perfection.

See the pictures I snapped of the food below.

I ordered the Skirt Steak (£17.50), cooked: Medium, which came with fries, onion rings and a choice of your sauce (Peppercorn or Garlic Butter). Everything was cooked perfectly, every single bite of the steak in particular was just heaven and that was before I had even started trying out all of the sauces that are available on the table.

The onion rings were super crunchy with a such a great tasting coating, they weren't soggy or slimy feeling like you can experience with a lot of other restaurant onion rings. The fries were crisp on the outside and super soft on the inside, what more could you want from a portion of fries? Well, I also ended up having some seasoning from their kitchen dusted on top, which made the great fries somehow taste even better.

I've wanted to visit one of their restaurants ever since I tried the sauces that you can pick up in supermarkets, Red's immediately became my favourite brand of bbq sauce after tasting them. I was definitely excited when I noticed they had some other sauces I hadn't tried, in particular the Triple Hot Sauce, which I fell in love with after the first taste. I've never been a fan of hot sauces that have any sweet taste in them, this one changed that, it does have a slight sweeter taste but the balance of flavours in this sauce means that I enjoy the sweetness, something that no other hot sauce has achieved so far. I highly highly recommend this sauce, and I'm praying that they add it to their range in supermarkets as it'll become a staple sauce in my cupboard along with their other sauces (yes I do buy all of the ones that are available for purchase).

The staff in this branch were incredible, in particular the guy who I believe was the manager was a total legend. It's very rare to visit restaurants and receive such impeccable service, I was truly impressed so much so I'd want to visit Liverpool again even if it's just to visit this branch again.

I'm still sad I didn't manage to eat that final onion ring! When you leave Red's you'll go away with a full belly and a smile on your face, which is exactly why I highly recommend visiting a branch when you have a chance.

Oh, and of course I couldn't leave without purchasing their Cookbook, as when you experience food heaven you've got to take something home to hopefully help you recreate that magic. The best thing was that they had a special gift version that included the box and a few other bits, for an incredible price (I could't believe it once we noticed there was sauces included in the box too. See the terrible photo below that I quickly snapped when I got back to the hotel that evening.

Basically, if you haven't visited one of their branches yet, get up right now and go right this very second!

Have you visited one of their branches? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? If you have been, I definitely want to hear what you ordered so I know what to order next time, so just drop a comment down below and help me decide.

Bambi -

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  1. Those onion rings are EPIC! This is definitely on my to visit list..

    1. Definitely recommend taking a trip there! And the onion rings were one of the nicest I've tasted!

  2. Ah amazing.. I am going to Liverpool soon so I will have to try this for definite! You have such a lovely and inspiring blog here, keep up your amazing work it is paying off! x

    1. Thanks Adele, that comment was so lovely i really appreciate it! You definitely need to add it to your list to try out then, absolutely loved it in there!


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