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I'm really excited to finally sit and write this blog post, and I feel like now is the perfect time. I work for a ethical clothing company, who only use Fairtrade certified cotton for all of their garments. I've actually worked here for just over 2 years, but today we launched our very own ASOS Marketplace boutique, something that I've worked incredibly hard on the past few weeks in particular.

I wanted to keep this post relatively short, as the main thing I wanted to share was some of my photography (something I'm super proud of!) and the awesome garments that you can now purchase via the new boutique.


Like the look of clothing? Visit (& follow) the shop using the link below:

Epona Clothing for ASOS Marketplace

Remember, everything is made using Fairtrade certified cotton, and not only is Epona Fairtrade but they are also members of the Fair Wear Foundation which works with factories to ensure good standards also. Epona is constantly looking for improvements in all areas of our production line, one of very few companies that are focused on this entirely.

I'll likely do a lot more work related posts, as it is a company I'm very proud to work for and I'm excited to share a lot more ethical related posts with you all. If you have any particular requests drop me a comment below and I'll add it to my to do list!

Bambi -

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