My name is Amber, but most people call me Bambi (hence the blog name). 

I'm 25 and I live and work in London, UK. 

This little old blog began back in April 2013, and I've really enjoyed writing it and seeing it grow day by day! I'm not hoping to be the next big blogging superstar, I just enjoy rambling on my little corner of the internet, the fact that you are reading this is just a bonus for me. I've had a few blogs over the years but this has been the most enjoyable as I like writing about lots of different things, about real life, I rather share the real story rather than only the perfected side of my life, that would be boring after all. In particular I love writing about mental health and will continue to write about this to hopefully see a change in the way people with mental health problems are treated.

I really hope you join me in my writing journey as I love getting feedback and seeing what you all think as well.

If you wish to drop me an email send over to: hello@bambi-bell.com 

I love getting emails, so much so that I respond within a few working days!

So, give me a follow and drop me a message as I'd love you to be part of this blog!

- Bambi -

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